How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions?

You remember!  You weregoing to get organized, save more money, declutter, detox, eat better, exercise more…

Or, you could simply go with my plan, simply put…eliminatethe unnecessary. It’s a lot of work to eliminate the unnecessary (thingsand emotions) but I happen to subscribe to the belief that if it’s worth it, itlikely won’t come easy. I’m hopeful that eliminating the unnecessary will make roomfor the necessary, preferably joy, abundance, and community.

How did I arrive at eliminating the unnecessary?  I watched my puppy.  Yes, my beloved Roxy has a simple life, andfrom where I sit it appears to be a great one. She doesn’t get caught up indrama, bills, food decisions—although I admit she seems to think about food alot. She chases rabbits and squirrels, sleeps well in her comfortable bed, eatswell, and has a roof over her head. Lest you think she’s a slacker, this pupworks too!  She’s a recent addition tothe pet therapy program at The Edith Nourse Veterans Hospital (Bedford VA) too.She enjoys sitting with veterans, hearing their stories, and letting themscratch her ears, and rub her belly.  I’mnot sure who is most benefiting from the pet therapy, Roxy or the veterancommunity, but it’s clearly an enjoyable experience for all.

So maybe, just maybe, you are also trying to eliminate the unnecessaryin your life to make room for something different…whether it’s a new roof overyour head, or perhaps a new connection to your community, or maybe simply achange a change of pace.  You know where tofind me. Give me a call and we can grab coffee or go for a walk (with Roxy too!)and chat about your options, or simply just get caught up, in Bedford and beyond.

I’ll see you around town! D