I’m pleased to inform you that The Higgins Group Realtors has merged with Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty.

Why is this great news? I liken the situation to the way I feel when I’m wearing a great new outfit and shiny new shoes on a crisp, bright autumn day. I’m still the same person but I look a little better, feel a little better, and stand a little taller!

We are still local. Our offices are in Lexington, Bedford, Concord, Carlisle, and Lincoln. We are independently owned and operated by the incredibly accomplished, and much admired, real estate insider Laurie Cadigan. (no relation unfortunately and with a different spelling)

Why Sotheby’s? Sotheby’s is a trusted brand at an international level which will increase exposure for all our clients, while remaining true to our heritage as a locally owned, operated independent firm.

Why local, and not a big chain? Because we can make decisions that are relevant and specific to our marketplace, still free of big corporation restrictions, and flexible in our ability to personalize marketing plans to every clients unique needs.

I’ve experienced a lot of personal transition recently, mostly surrounding the loss of my husband Michael. Please know I consider this merger between Higgins and Sotheby’s a gain, not a loss, and a welcome one. It’s a great opportunity for me and my clients. I’m ready to step forward into my next phase—you’ll notice the blue replacing the red on our signs and in my mailings, but rest assured, I’m still here. Still me, Diane Cadogan Hughes, the Realtor you’ve come to know and trust, with fabulous resources and a team that gets stuff done.

I’ve got a new spring in my step and I’m ready to run—in my shiny new shoes.

I’ll see you around town.