Dear Bedford,

I can’t thank you enough. I don’t know if I have the right words to convey my appreciation but I’ll try. The outpouring of support since my husband Michael’s death last month has been incredible. Simply incredible. So many of you have written notes, stopped by and visited, delivered treats, given encouraging nods, acknowledging looks, whispered “good for you,” or “you’re in my thoughts.” You’ve taken walks with me. You’ve supported my business. You’ve invited my children to dinner, the beach, or the pool. These gestures have not gone unnoticed. Mike and I chose this wonderful town for so much more than our pretty little house. Twenty years ago, we chose a community. We took a chance on Bedford. We imagined a town where we would know our neighbors, with good schools, where I could volunteer for the PTO and Mike could volunteer as a coach for youth sports—which he did even before our own kids were born!

Our dream was to live in a place where our children would grow up healthy and safe and look back fondly on their childhood. Turns out our dreams became true. As someone who has made a career helping others choose a home and a community (most often in Bedford!) I’m in a unique position to really, really boast about our village. And I will continue to do so with earnest, and with the experience and understanding first hand that when crisis hits, and it does hit all of us, it is somehow made more tolerable by the people surrounding us. We hear your encouraging thoughts and prayers, we feel you cheering us on. You’ve helped make a difficult time more bearable. Thank you Bedford. Thank you to each one of you in our special village.

I’ll see you around town. ~Diane