We have a new addition at the Hughes household! A puppy. Her name is Roxy and she’s brought an incredible amount of joy to ourhome. In the month and a half since wegot her, we’ve made all sorts of changes. For one, we’ve converted our mudroom to “Roxy’s room.” Turns out thistiny room is perfect as a den for our adored pup. She loves her room. Her crate is in there, her bed, her foodbowls, and we have a glass door so she can see into the family room, plus ithas exterior access which is great for letting her outside. We’ve also fenced in our large rear yardallowing her a safe place to run and play with her puppy friends for playdates—(yes,we actually organize puppy playdates!) And we created a second fenced area as well, basically a bathroom areafor quick trips outside. These recentchanges which include strategically placed gates, time out spots, and toyboxes, recently got me thinking…did I make this many accommodations for my kidswhen they arrived? I’m not sure I did. However, I don’t think I’m alone in my puppy obsession. Buyers often tell me they want a big lawnarea, preferably a fenced one, for either children or pets or both. Although I do miss my traditional mudroom, Ilove the fact that my floorplan is flexible enough that I could convert otherspaces, like an adjacent bath, to store shoes etc. Frankly as much as I may miss my mudroom I’mmore thrilled that Roxy is part of our family and the space is working so wellfor her. So I began thinking about othersfloorplans and accommodations they have made for their pets and lovedones. Are you finding your home flexibleenough for your needs? How about youryard? Feeling a pinch? Whether your home is feeling a bit too muchto manage or maybe you’re feeling the space a bit scarce, I bet I canhelp. In the meantime you’re likely tosee me around town with my new sidekick, Roxy. Feel free to say Hi. We loverunning into friends new and old. Seeyou around town! D