“Oh the weather outside is frightful!” The tune has gotten old around these here parts in Massachusetts. The snow has certainly gotten on our collective nerves. When will it end? And what might it bring? Will we leave our worries of ice dams, roof collapses, and frozen pipes behind only to be faced with basement flooding, mold issues, and pot holes this spring? I suppose only time will tell. But one thing I’m certain about is that spring will come, and people will definitely be interested in moving. Just like every year. Right now we’re poised for some serious pent up demand in Bedford and Lexington, as well as surrounding communities. And all economic indicators are that for residential sales in these areas, pre-Snowapocalypse, we were in a seller’s market. Low inventory and high demand does that to a town. And fortunately our area is in high demand. Of course the snow has impacted people’s desire and ability to get out there and look at houses, but I believe it’s a temporary setback. People flock to the 128 belt for the schools and jobs found nearby particularly in Cambridge/ Boston, Burlington, Waltham, etc. We’ve seen a fair amount of relocations from other areas of the country. So if you’re thinking of selling, or even toying with the idea, please contact me. You may have more equity in your property than you think. Perhaps a warmer climate is calling to you. Maybe you have a need for bigger and newer, or smaller and sweeter, right here at home. Regardless of reasons, people move all the time, and I don’t see that pattern changing anytime soon. So I’m choosing a new song. A tune that’s a bit more optomistic.  My old fave from Annie, “Tomorrow.”  As in, ‘the sun will come out tomorrow…”  Care to sing along?  See you around town!